Hi - I'm Jonathan.

Welcome to my personal homepage on the internet - where I post various bits and pieces of writing from time to time.

While not bashing my head against the desk repeatedly or sitting in conference calls pretending to be clever, I write idiotic blog posts, occasionally trudge around town in running shoes, and attempt to survive living in a house with four women and two cats.

I live in deepest, darkest England – land of good manners, punctuation, starched shirts and silent indignation. I grew up near Oxford and now live in the countryside just outside London.

I like pizza, wine, chocolate biscuits, coffee, cult movies, 80s music, and retro computers and video games.

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If you would like to get in touch, I’m a friendly sort of chap and will jump at the chance to procrastinate famously with you. Please find the various ways of finding, following, friending, or subscribing to me below.


Email is by far the most reliable method to get hold of me:

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Jonathan Beckett
Software and web developer, husband, father, cat wrangler, writer, runner, coffee drinker, retro video games player. Pizza solves most things.